How much does it cost to rent an e-bike?
Half days, 4 hour rental, are $105 per bike plus taxes and fees Full days, anytime from 9am to 9pm, are $135 per bike plus taxes and fees
Where are you located?
We are a completely mobile e-bike company so we do not have a storefront. But we can drop bikes off and pick them up wherever and whenever the guests are done. Even if they've had too many margaritas at Woody Creek Tavern, we can pick the bikes up there.
Can you pick up the guests too?
No. For insurance reasons and because our busses do not have seats in them we cannot pick up guests, only bikes.
Do you provide helmets?
Helmets, bike locks, a safety demonstration and drop off/pick up are all included in the $105/$135 per bike.
Where should we go on our e-bikes?
Anywhere you like but most people ride up to the Maroon Bells. Car passes are sold out until September and shuttle tickets are sold out almost entirely. So e-biking up to the Maroon Bells is one of the only ways to get there anymore. Plus it's a bucket-list activity for most people and you really get the whole experience because you're outside in the fresh air.
How far are the Maroon Bells?
From Aspen to the top of the Maroon Bells it's about 11 miles. From the Aspen Highlands Basecamp parking garage, where we drop a lot of our bikes off, to the top it's 9 miles. Round Trip would be about 20 miles.
How far/how long will the battery on the e-bike last?
On average our bikes will go 25+ miles. However, we have had guests get almost 45-50 miles because they knew how to use the correct bike gears and conserved their battery so that they could last all day.
Do you have anything for kids?
We have Burley trailers, which can seat two small children and "Co-pilots" which are an attachment to a bike that allows an older child to ride tandem and pedal as well. All kids' additions come with child-sized helmets.
Do you have regular bikes? Mountain bikes?
No, we specialize in eBikes only.